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Experience the thrill of Gel Blasters, The Next Ultimate Sport in Australia

With their epic military simulated design, affordability, and fantastic performance, gel ball blasters are quickly overtaking paintball and laser skirmish to become Australia’s most loved war game sport. Fun for all ages, gel ball blasters bring the epic action from military games like Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield, into reality. Collect your favourite military styled gel ball blasters, gear up and have fun with friends and family in the back yard or at the many gel ball war game events across Australia.

Join the Australian Gel Ball Blaster War Games For Next Level Mil Sim Fun

Now is the best time to get into gel blasters. With a growing community across the country more war game events are opening than ever! Get out to one of the event locations with your collection of gel ball blasters from Trigger Treat and have a blast. Filled with many different challenges, team games, and epic moments that you thought only possible in a video games, these events are a ton of fun. Bring your friends and family along and get ready for a great day. If this sounds like fun contact Trigger Treat today on how to get started!

Why Are Gel Blasters Popular?

Gel Ball Blasters are quickly overtaking paintball, airsoft and laser skirmish as a favourite in Australia. They hold many distinct advantages over paintball and airsoft that have led them to be loved by Adults, teens and children across the country. Not only are Gel Blasters a ton of fun, offering endless hours of play, but they are highly affordable too. A Gel Blaster and a pack of gel balls is much more affordable than paintball or airsoft, making Gel Blasters easy to play with for hours on end. Gel balls are also far less messy and painful then paint balls, each ball being a small pellet of water. This makes it perfect for anyone of almost any age. Ensure that safety glasses are always worn when playing.

How Legal Are Gel Blasters In Australia?

As Gel Blasters use similar designs to real firearms this is a very common question. The law differs from state to state so there is no one size fits all answer. In Queensland and South Australia, it is completely legal to own a Gel Blaster. The law states that they are a toy and so, no licence is required to own one. For other states check out our FAQ Page for information regarding the legislation. No matter the state you are in it is important that you do not use the Gel Blasters outside private property, and to consult your local law enforcement officer on their legality.

Why choose Trigger Treat For Gel Blasters?

Trigger Treat brings Gel Blasters to Australians at affordable prices. We are super passionate about Gel Blasters and want to bring them to as many people across the country as possible. You can buy our Gel Blasters online through our many payment options including After Pay. For more information check out our After Pay page here. Each of our Gel Ball Blasters have been obtained legally through an approved import permit. Trigger Treat are trusted local specialists looking to spread the epic fun of Gel Blasters.


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