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A Wide Range Of Gel Blaster Assault Rifles

Trigger Treat offers a wide range of gel blaster assault rifles for you to add to your collection. Each is made for quality fun. Run through the bush or battle in an urban styled course, these gel blaster assault rifles are tough and ready to go. Our gel blaster assault rifles come in a wide range of styles and colours. Styled after some of the most popular weapons in video games like Call of Duty or Battlefield, these toys offer great, safe, fun, and an opportunity to join in with epic wargames.

Safe and fun

Gel blaster assault rifles offer unrivalled fun without sacrificing safety. As a gel blaster only fires small gel balls, when safety goggles are worn, gel blasters are far safer and hurt much less than paintball or airsoft. This makes gel blaster assault rifles fun for all ages. The gel balls gel blasters fire are easy to clean too. Unlike paintballs they do not leave a mark. They simply collapse into a tiny splatter of water upon impact. This means that there are no stains on clothes, the ground, or on walls.

Why Choose A Gel Blaster Assault Rifle?

The Gel blaster assault rifle is the powerhouse of the gel blaster range. They offer superior range and firepower to pistols or SMGs. Most assault rifles offer universal rails on the gel blaster allowing you to equip a variety of sights, grips, and other tactical equipment to improve your gel blaster game. Assault rifle Gel Blasters bring excellent flexibility, with the robustness expected from the workhorse of the modern military, where they take their design cues. With their accurate, long-range performance and excellent close quarters performance it is hard to go wrong with a gel blaster assault rifle.

Gel Blaster Assault Rifle VS SMG

One tough choice often made is between two gel blaster product categories, the SMGs and the Assault Rifles. Assault Rifles tend to offer more accuracy at longer ranges, space for more attachments, and bigger magazines. However, they are larger and heavier than the SMGs. SMGs offer excellent close quarters combat performance, being extremely manoeuvrable with their small size and weight. Generally, it is best to go with whichever gel blaster you like the most, we believe that you will never be disappointed with your pick. If this is your first gel blaster then an assault rifle makes the most sense. They are flexible and offer a lot of fun in any situation. As SMGs are smaller, they are a great choice for children or those looking for something lighter.

Why Choose Trigger Treat For Your Gel Blaster Assault Rifle?

We are bringing Gel Blaster Assault Rifles to Australia with our affordable and competitive pricing. Through our After Pay offerings you can get your Gel Blaster Assault Rifle right now, only having to pay the rest in monthly instalments. At Trigger Treat we are passionate about bringing the fun of gel Blasters to everyone in Australia, so we make it as easy as possible to get your hands on a high-quality Gel Blaster.

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