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A Wide Range Of The Most Popular Submachine Gun Gel Blasters

Explore our wide, ever growing range of some of the most popular Submachine Gel Blasters. With excellent fire power, and great close-range manoeuvrability, you will dominate any close quarters engagement. Surprise your opponent with the silent but powerful Vector submachine gun or take them on from close to medium range with the all-purpose UMP 45. Each is designed to provide you with the best manoeuvrability and stopping power in any close quarters’ engagement. If you want the ultimate spec-ops gel blaster or you want to dominate any close quarters engagement, you need a Gel Blaster Submachine Gun from Trigger Treat.

Safe and fun

Gel Blaster Submachine Guns are designed to compromise on nothing. This means that you can have epic fun with Submachine Gun Gel Blasters with friends, at wargames, and in your backyard, without compromising on safety. As each Gel Blaster fires only small hydrated gel balls, risk of injury is low and there is no mess to clean up. Each gel ball simply explodes into water upon impact, meaning the impact is barely noticeable. Proper safety equipment like the included safety glasses should still be worn when using the Gel Blasters to ensure eyes are protected. A Gel Blaster Submachine Gun is far safer than paintball and airsoft, making it the ultimate toy for all ages.

Based off the most popular military designs

Bring military themed video games to life with all of the favourite Submachine Guns from Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Rainbow Six, and Battlefield. Each of our Submachine Gun Gel Blasters are based off the real guns the military uses. From Spec-Ops, U.S. Navy Seals, Australian SASr, and more. These guns were made popular through First Person Shooters, and now you can get your hands on them in real life, safely, through Trigger Treat’s Gel Blasters. Participate in epic wargames, bringing adrenaline inducing, tactical gameplay, to life. With these Gel Blaster Submachine Guns you open up a world of fun.

Why choose a Gel Blaster Submachine Gun?

If you like getting up close, engaging in close quarters combat, or running spec-ops missions, you want a Submachine Gun Gel Blaster. They offer superior close quarters combat performance and are the ultimate stealth weapon. Submachine Gun Gel Blasters like the Vector offer extreme customisability, allowing you to equip a ranged of sights, scopes, grips, and even suppressors. This customisability allows you to build the ultimate Submachine Gun layout for your play style and preferred look. With their fast fire rate, and great close quarters accuracy, you cannot go wrong with a Submachine Gun Gel Blaster.

Gel blaster submachine gun VS Assault Rifle

Gel Blaster Submachine Guns are the best in any close quarter environments. Their real gun counterparts are valued for their controllability, high fire rate and extreme mobility, and their gel blaster equivalents are no different. Assault Rifles tend to be bulkier, heavier and larger. While they hold the advantage at range, their reduced mobility in a CQC fight will lead to them being outclassed in this fight against a Submachine Gun. If you want the ultimate spec-ops, close quarter gel blaster, or need the perfect gel blaster for a small child, Submachine Guns are the best choice.

Why choose Trigger Treat for your Gel Blaster Submachine Gun?

Trigger Treat offer the highest quality Gel Blasters at affordable prices. You can choose from our wide range of military styled Submachine Gun gel blasters that provide ultimate fun and safety. We have handpicked the best gel blaster Submachine Guns from across the world to provide only the best in quality, value for money, and fun.

Our team members are all very passionate about Gel Blasters, and love the capabilities of the Submachine Guns. They offer the best in CQC mobility and performance, allowing them to dominate any close quarters battlefield. We aim to make these more accessible to everyone, allowing them to join in the fun with these awesome, and safe, toys. Check out our AfterPay options for each of our Submachine Guns.

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