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Gel Blasters 

Gel Blasters are a revolutionary new toy bringing the fun of paint ball or airsoft in a much safer package. Each blaster can only fire hydrated gel balls that, while can be felt, don’t hurt on impact. As long as safety glasses are worn Gel Blasters are incredibly safe making them the perfect toy for young teens and above.  

If you want to have fun with military styled Gel Blasters, go to awesome wargame events, all without the mess and expense of paintball, you should get your Gel Blasters today.  


Trigger Treat 

After seeing firsthand the fun that can be had with Gel Blasters, we felt that we had to make them more accessible to Australians. We knew that there would be an enormous number of people who would love Gel Blasters and what they enabled. Many of these people looked on at the rest of the world and their airsoft wargames with envy. Now Australian’s can join in with a safer alternative that is fun for all ages, with Trigger Treat bringing them to the masses. 

With a huge community across the country creating epic wargames events, the sport is growing country wide. Now is the best time to get your hands on a Gel Blaster from Trigger Treat.